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This week, Maria Elena is sharing her favorite queer Latinx TikTokers she hopes you’ll check out. These viral TikTok stars create videos on everything from body positivity, the Latinx community, queer issues, climate change and more. Our news curation and latest book review touch on the power that women hold in politics, journalism and the cannabis industry. In her new paw-nderings, Princess Party Time shares her very first selfie. 

Before we jump into our new issue, we wanted to share important developments in our lives and how those changes will affect Pero Make It Newsy going forward. First, a celebration is in order for Maria Elena, who will be starting a new job on Monday! I want to wish her the best of luck as she embarks on this new journey. Now that we’ve both jumped back into the workforce, we’ve decided to scale Pero Make It Newsy from a weekly newsletter to a biweekly one. We want to continue providing a quality newsletter while navigating our new job opportunities. We thank you all so much for your continued support these last six months, it means the world to us!

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Five Queer Latinx TikTokers You Should Follow 🤳

By Maria Elena Perez

Throughout the last year in quarantine, I watched all the latest TikTok trends and followed thousands of creators that I came across on my “For You” page. Even now that the world is opening back up, I still find myself mindlessly scrolling through TikTok when I have a bit of time for myself (and sometimes before bed, which is a habit I’m trying to kick).

But through some of my mindless scrolling on TikTok, I’ve found incredible queer Latinx creators that educate viewers on body positivity, self-care and the Latinx community.

Read Maria Elena’s latest piece here.

Women In The News 📰  

Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Gets Into ‘Good Trouble’: Representative Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) was arrested on July 15 while demonstrating for voting rights on Capitol Hill. Beatty, along with eight activists, was protesting Congress’ failure to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For the People Act, which aim to protect and expand voting rights. “You can arrest me. You can’t stop me. You can’t silence me,” the Democrat tweeted after her arrest. 

Read about Beatty’s arrest and the fight for voting rights at The New York Times

Gen Z Women Are Driving Marijuana Sales: A new report has found that Gen Z women, many of who are just turning 21, are the leading consumers of legal marijuana. The report by NBC News found that product quality, convenience, ease of use and portability of legal marijuana products are behind the rising trend. Some women are also reportedly using cannabis to self-medicate for a myriad of diagnosed conditions from anxiety to cancer. 

Learn more about cannabis’ female-led future at NBC News

Ousting of 3 Latina Journalists at KUSA 9News Ignites Backlash: Denver’s KUSA 9News is under fire after it pushed out three Latina journalists from the station. In the last year, KUSA allowed the contracts of Kristen Aguirre, Lori Lizarraga and Sonia Gutierrez to lapse without renewal. All three journalists reported they pushed back on the station’s lack of diversity when it came to reporting decisions or the station’s decision to require Latinx reporters to disclose their immigration status before reporting on immigration. 

Read about KUSA’s history of racism against Latinx and Black reporters at NPR.

Latino Equity Fund Director Talks Health and Economic Inequities Experienced by Hispanics in MA: In a new episode of “3 Questions With…,” Evelyn Barahona opened up about Latino Equity Fund’s work in addressing issues faced by Massachusetts’ Hispanic-Latinx community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, LEF has given out more than $360,000 in grants to cover basic necessities, emergency response, food insecurity and research. 

Listen to the full interview on MALatinoNews.com.

Curator’s Note: Pero Make It Newsy and the Latino News Network are partners in best serving the Latinx community.

Causes That Matter 🤝

The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW) is a member-driven organization that wants to end domestic and sexual violence against Indigenous women and children through advocacy in their communities. The organization focuses on working with tribal communities with innovative ways to prevent violence. It also holds retreats and conversations within communities to end gender-based violence.

You can learn more about and donate directly to the CSVANW organization.

You Should Read This 📚

Find Kamala Harris on Goodreads | Pick up “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey” at Green Apple Books

Princess Party Time’s Paw-nderings 🐶

Henlo my favorite hoomans! Princess Party Time is back and I have recently discovered how to use my mom’s cellphone. Usually, I just kick it or step on it when I want my mama to pay attention to me. But lately, I’ve discovered how to take photos of myself and I am just loving the way I look! My mama calls it a “selfie?” I guess that means my selfie game is strong. I’ll let you be the judge!  

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