Five Queer Latinx TikTokers You Should Follow

I hate to admit it, but like most millennials, I’ve become obsessed with watching TikToks when I’m bored. 

Throughout the last year in quarantine, I watched all the latest TikTok trends and followed thousands of creators that I came across on my “For You” page. Even now that the world is opening back up, I still find myself mindlessly scrolling through TikTok when I have a bit of time for myself (and sometimes before bed, which is a habit I’m trying to kick).

But through some of my mindless scrolling on TikTok, I’ve found incredible queer Latinx creators that educate viewers on body positivity, self-care and the Latinx community. Here are my top five favorite queer Latinx TikTok creators:

Nikki Garza (@itsnikki.g): With over 899,000 followers, Nikki is one of the most popular Latinx TikTok creators around. She uses her platform to promote body positivity and encourages other plus size women to wear what they want and embrace their curves. She has a lot of TikToks focusing on embracing the FUPA (which is medically known as the panniculus). We love a Latinx queen who spreads such a positive message.

Mariela Fernandez (@aidios_mariela): If you’re looking for someone to push you and encourage you, you need to watch Mariela’s TikToks. Their videos are not only very funny, but Mariela encourages viewers and the LGBTQ+ community to take care of themselves and to start the day by doing the bare minimum: brushing their teeth, hydrating and cleaning their “culo.” And you better do what Mariela says, or they’ll threaten you with the chancla.

Jackie (@gordacorajuda): Jackie uses her TikTok platform to create a variety of different videos, but really uses her platform to talk about issues facing the Latinx community. She doesn’t shy away from telling her viewers how it is on topics like racism, colorism, homophobia and climate change. 

Baggio Adron (@theonlybaggio): I love Baggio’s TikToks. His entire TikTok page is not only aesthetically pleasing, but he also educates viewers on Latinx culture and issues. In one of his most popular TikToks, he explains to viewers the term “Latine.” Although he doesn’t post often, he also enjoys posting delicious recipes and the shenanigans of his bird, Peque. 

Mel Matias R. (@malibu_mel): The Afro-Latino TikToker loves giving advice to the girls, gays and theys. They give advice about relationships, how to live your best life and how to love and respect yourself. They also have no issue shutting down any homophobic comment or video that comes their way. If you’re feeling low and need a pick-me-up, Mel is there for you.