Rita Moreno: Hollywood Icon Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles in New Doc

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It’s Wednesday, which means there’s a new issue of Pero Make It Newsy ready for you to read! This week, Maria Elena writes about watching Rita Moreno’s new documentary and how Rita became a mental health advocate in the Latinx community. Our news curation takes a look at Britney Spears’ conservatorship, the diversity of US gymnastics and much more. And Princess Party Time tells readers about her new, favorite sweet treat: pup cups!


Rita Moreno Breaks Stigma Around Mental Health In Her New Documentary 💃

By Maria Elena Perez

During the documentary, 89-year-old Moreno not only opens up about the misogyny and racism she endured, she also candidly speaks about her battle with depression, suicide, sexual assault and the importance of taking care of her mental health.

Read Maria Elena’s take on Rita Moreno’s impactful comments about mental health here.

Women In The News 📰  

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Has Denied Her Reproductive Freedom. She’s Not Alone: The world was shocked and horrified after pop star Britney Spears revealed that the conservatorship she has been under had denied her the right to remove her IUD and have more children. Sadly, Britney’s case is hardly unique in the US as women and marginalized communities have faced forced sterilization and reproductive coercion for hundreds of years. A recent headline-grabbing case in Georgia revealed that detained undocumented immigrants were being forcibly sterilized, sometimes without their knowledge. 

Learn more about the horrific history of reproductive coercion in the US at The 19th

US Gymnastics is More Diverse, But Gymnasts of Color Still Face Barriers: The US women’s gymnastics team has become increasingly more diverse, but young athletes of color continue to face obstacles in the sport. A new report by ABC News reveals that as more gymnasts of color reach Team USA –– including Olympic medalist Simone Biles –– more young girls of color are becoming interested in gymnastics. However, these same young gymnasts are still hitting financial and social barriers to play competitively. 

Read about the hurdles still facing young gymnasts of color at ABC News

After Nearly Three Years, Saudi Arabia Releases Two Women’s Rights Activists: Prominent women’s rights activists Samar Badawi and Nassima al-Sadah were released after nearly three years, ALQST for Human Rights announced on Sunday. The two women were arrested in August 2018 as the Saudi government cracked down on dissent relating to women’s right to drive and an end to the male guardianship system. It is believed the Saudi government arrested dozens of activists in its bid to quash peaceful protests. 

Learn about Samar Badawi and Nassima al-Sadah on Al Jazeera

YW Boston’s Beth Chandler Talks Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace: In a new MALN Opinion+ episode, YW Boston president and CEO Beth Chandler discussed the importance of uplifting women and people of color by creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace environments. Chandler told MALN Opinion+ that it’s important to create a workplace where people can not only excel but feel valued. 

Watch the latest episode of MALN Opinion+ at MALatinoNews.com

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Causes That Matter 🤝

The Latino Equality Alliance (LEA) is a non-profit organization that advocates for the safety, equity and wellbeing of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. The organization, which started in 2009, focuses on engaging with LGBTQ+ leaders in the community to address problems of homelessness, bullying, homophobia, family separation and much more. The non-profit also holds events, like clean-ups and job interview prep, that they promote on their Instagram.

Learn more and donate to the Latino Equality Alliance.

You Should Read This 📚

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Princess Party Time’s Paw-nderings 🐶

Henlo hoomans! Princess Party Time here and I can’t wait to tell you about my obsession with my new favorite treat: pup cups. Sometimes when I’m good, my mama and my papa will take me on a trip to our nearest coffee shop to get a cup of my new favorite sweet treat. It’s light, airy, sweet and so yummy! Mama took a picture of me the last time I was indulging in a pup cup after I told her no photos! But then she promised me another pup cup so I let her post this photo of me. 

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