Meet the Four Female Candidates Leading Boston’s Historic Mayoral Race

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It’s a beautiful and special Wednesday today. This week, we have a new piece from Nikki that takes a look at the not-quite as exciting (but no less historic) mayoral race in Boston. The woman-led race features four highly qualified female candidates, including acting Mayor Kim Janey. Our news curation takes on the campaign shift at Victoria’s Secret, IUD pain and a historic first for the Olympics. And, of course, everyone’s favorite pup Princess Party Time is back with some new musings. 

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Boston’s Historic Mayoral Race Led By Four Strong Female Candidates 🗳

By Nikki Rojas

In March, Kim Janey became Boston’s first woman and first Black mayor when she took over for Marty Walsh. Janey joins a crowded field of mayoral hopefuls as she aims to secure a full-term in office in November. Six mayoral candidates –– four women and two men –– are vying to become Boston’s next mayor in this historic moment in Boston. 

Unlike some of the NYC candidates (cough Andrew Yang cough), all six of Boston’s mayoral candidates have government experience, with all four women running coming from Boston’s City Council.

Read Nikki’s piece highlighting Boston’s female mayoral candidates here.

Women In The News 📰  

Victoria’s Secret Wants to Redefine What Sexy Is: Lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is saying goodbye to its Victoria’s Secret Angels in an effort to redefine how their consumers view what “sexy” is to them. Martin Waters, the Chief Executive Officer at Victoria’s Secret Stores Inc., told The New York Times the company “needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want.” The new campaign, called the “VS Collective,” features soccer star Megan Rapinoe, Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Chinese American freestyle skier Eileen Gu and size 14 model and inclusivity advocate Paloma Elsesser.

Learn more about the campaign at The New York Times

Laurel Hubbard Makes History as the First Trans Athlete to Compete in the Olympics: New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will make history as she is the first transgender athlete to compete in this year’s Olympics. Hubbard, 43, will compete in the women’s super heavyweight 87kg-plus category in Tokyo, according to The Guardian. In 2017, Hubbard took home the silver in the women’s world championships and was recovering from a serious arm injury that happened during the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Read more about Laurel Hubbard in The Guardian.

Women Speak Out About the Pain They Endured During Their IUD Insertion: BBC reporter Naga Munchetty opened up about the painful experience she endured when she had her IUD inserted. Munchetty told Radio 5 Live that she was not offered any pain relief during the procedure. The BBC reporter said she decided to speak up about the procedure after reading the op-ed “Why We All Need Pain Relief When Having an IUD Fitted” in The Sunday Times

Listen to Munchetty’s experience on Radio 5 Live

Deputy Commissioner Regina Rush-Kittle Talks About Cyberattacks: Regina Rush-Kittle, Deputy Commissioner of the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, sat down with CT Latino News to talk about how important it is to be prepared for man-made and natural emergencies.

Read and listen to the full interview on CT Latino News.

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Causes That Matter 🤝

Resource Center has been providing resources, health and food services to the LGBTQ community and those affected by HIV and AIDS since 1983. The advocacy group and health center works with more than 1,200 volunteers and 70 staff members to serve more than 62,000 people each year. Resource Center provides sexual and general health services, behavioral health services, HIV/AIDS resources, gender-affirming health services, as well programs dedicated to LGBTQ youth and adults. 

You can donate directly to the Resource Center.

You Should Read This 📚

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Princess Party Time’s Paw-nderings 🐶

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