Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

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We’re back with the latest edition of your favorite Latina-curated newsletter. This week we’re talking about *that interview* with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and breaking the stigma around mental illness. We’ve also listed some new women-owned businesses for you to check out. And we’re on Facebook now, so feel free to like our page if you haven’t already!

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Meghan’s Revelations Prove We Still Need to Break the Stigma Around Mental Illness 💚

By Nikki Rojas

Hearing Meghan, a literal princess, say [she had suicidal thoughts] both broke my heart and filled me with rage. Here was someone in a position of privilege and she couldn’t be afforded help with her mental health struggles. Thankfully, her husband took a stand and made it clear that their happiness and mental health would take precedence over the needs of the royal family. 

Meghan’s revelation of her suicidal thoughts reminded me of my own decades-long struggle with mental illness. Nowadays, I am fairly open about my anxiety and depression. But I’m less open about the first time I truly knew that my depression was not normal and that I very much needed medical help.

Read Nikki’s personal essay here.

Women In The News 📰  

COVID-19 Pandemic Continues to Disproportionately Impact Women and LGBTQ+ People: One year later, LGBTQ+ people and women are still disproportionately harmed by the pandemic, according to data from Ipsos Public Affairs. The report, analyzed by The 19th, found that women took most of the economic hit during the pandemic, while LGBTQ+ and women took the brunt of the mental health crisis.

Read the full report here.

We Stand With Andrea Sahouri: A Des Moines Register reporter arrested while covering a Black Lives Matter demonstration last spring is now standing trial. Although she claimed she identified herself to police as a member of the press multiple times during the May 31 protest in Des Moines, Iowa, Sahouri and her then-boyfriend were arrested and later charged with failure to disperse and interfering with official acts.

No reporter should be arrested for doing their jobs. We stand with Andrea Sahouri and will be watching this trial closely. 

Read more about the trial here.

Michelle Obama Will Be Inducted Into the National Women’s Hall of Fame: On International Women’s Day, the National Women's Hall of Fame announced that former first lady Michelle Obama will be inducted into the organization’s hall of fame in October. Other 2021 inductees include poet Joy Harjo, professional soccer player and Olympian Mia Hamm, artist Judy Chicago and many other amazing women.

Read more about the hall of fame and its 2021 inductees here.

You Should Read This 📚

Find Sonali Dev on Goodreads | Pick up “Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors” from Dog Eared Books

Women In Biz 👩🏻🧕🏽👩🏻‍🦰👩🏿‍🦱

For women’s history month, we’ll be highlighting four women-owned businesses every week that we love and admire. We hope you check them out and show them a little love.

  • Hija de tu Madre: The Latina-owned clothing and accessories shop celebrates every aspect of being Latina. The online store has everything from embroidered denim jackets to t-shirts and sweatshirts, and even sells cute accessories and jewelry.

  • Fanesha Fabre Art: Calling all New Yorkers, this is your go-to shop for art, stickers and pins. Artist Fanesha Fabre not only sells her amazing art, but her shop also has New York City-esque stickers and pins you’ll be sure to love, like this Yerrr coffee mug and this bodega pin. And if you’re not from New York, we know you’ll find something from this store that you’ll love.

  • Agapé Studio: If you’re looking for dainty jewelry pieces inspired by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, then Agapé Studio is the store for you. This French jewelry brand was the brainchild of Emma Fournier and a group of friends who wanted to create a collection inspired by the past. The best part? They ship free worldwide.

  • Big Sky Soap: This Arizona-based business is run and owned by a Native American woman. Owner Jennifer makes all her products herself, including soaps, scrubs and creams. Big Sky Soap is a great place to grab unique, cold-press soaps that make perfect gifts.

Princess Party Time’s Paw-nderings 🐶

Henlo again, hoomans! It is I, Princess Party Time, and I am here to pawnder about one of the things we dogs hate the most: BATH TIME.

I don’t care how many treats you bribe me with or how much peanut butter you stick to the wall of the tub, mom and dad, bath time should be ILLEGAL. The soap and the water on my coat make me feel gross and wet. I’d rather stay stinky.

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